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NYC-based artist & designer OliviaGeorgette uses her art to promote self-love, body positivity, and black & brown beauty. When Olivia is not painting she is a freelance designer with clients across multiple industries, from Fox Sports to Bloomberg LP.


The Caribbean-American creative believes in the beauty of the journey- the creative process and all it encompasses from a simple concept all the way to its final product. She is rooted in the philosophy that creativity comes from deep within and embodies everything we are and her mission is to improve representation and create a space for reimagining and representing from all walks of life.


Olivia obtained her degree in Graphic Design and digital media from Johnson and Wales in 2014. Since graduation, she has worked with brands such as Pfizer, CITI Group, Guggenheim Securities, Subway, Tmobile, and more. Using her skills in art & graphic design to bring creativity to corporate America. 

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