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Mini Teacup Exhibition

The Mini Teacup Pigs Exhibition was a project influenced by my obsession over the adorable miniature pet piglets. Many people don't know much about these tiny piggy besides, the fact they are weird pets. I wanted to design a Exhibition that would launch once a year, open to the public and free of charge, to educate people on these friendly and highly intelligent animals. At this exhibition you would not only learn about these piglets, but you would also be able to adopt one.


Along with the exhibition I designed an app that would allow people to indulge in this exhibition via virtual mobile tour. The app would also have educational publications at your fingertips. Equipped in this app, after you have taken the virtual tour and leaned some fun facts about mini pigs, you would to be able to adopt a pig like abby all from the comfort of your home. 

This project was completed using mass creativity combined with Adobe Illustrator. 

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